About Ahk

Storytelling has always been apart of Ahk’s life. From the Bible scriptures recited to him by his Mother, the comics he read as a child, the hip hop music he listened to and wrote as a teenager to the training videos he has produced as a working professional…storytelling has always found its way to Ahk. For him, the story is wherewe should discover meaning and the discovery process is what makes a story engaging.

Ahk has several years of visual storytelling experience as a camera operator, editor,writer, and director. Clients have ranged from rap artists, local media production companies to state government. As a media professional and lifelong student of visual
storytelling, Ahk has a progressive approach to his work. He wants to build on the quality that inspired him from the past, while also crafting new narratives that will push culture forward. With that said, when Ahk is involved he will ensure the end result will certainly consist of images that mean something.

(IG: @thatsahk)