Nine 7 Entertainment is dedicated to creating high-quality media content for Marketing, Advertising and Events that are emotionally engaging and visually stunning. Our team specializes in storytelling to communicate your message through video production, motion graphics, audio, original music and sound design. We strive to tell interesting stories with a twist and a bit of an edge.



La’Darris Boykin, CEO
Director  & Screenwriter  

Akinola Hassan, Vice President
Cinematographer & Editor

Client List

Maryland Aviation Administration ▪ BWI Airport ▪ FaVor 1 LLC ▪ Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital ▪Anarchy Cirque ▪ Terri Fe’ ▪ Maryland Department of Transportation ▪ Desserts By Marcel ▪The American Heart Association ▪ Kandi’s Creations ▪ Massages By RJay


Still Waters – Short Film – view here                                                                                                                           

  • Winner– Born in Baltimore Film & Photography Festival (2018)
  • Bronze Award Winner – Spotlight Short Film Awards (2018)
  • Semi-Finalist – Los Angeles CineFest
  • Official Selection – Short Film Slam, presented by The Madlab Post (2018)
  • Official Selection – Baltimore Next Media Web Fest (2018)


Good Cop? – Web Series – view here

  • Part 1 – An eye for an eye leaves everyone’s vision blurry. The criminal underworld collides with those employed to protect civilian life, in this story of greed, brutality, and corruption. There are good cops and there are bad cops. Question is…who is who?
  • Part 2 – It is business as usual in the city, especially for those employed to protect and serve. Among the ranks are those who will go the distance to defend and those who will go the distance to serve their own interests. Choices and chances are certain to lead to harsh consequences when “the law of the land” is ignored.


From planning to final product, we are there from concept to final creation. Nine 7 Entertainment specializes in turn-key production of video for marketing, advertising and events. Our process is scalable and efficient. We create content to your specific requests and maximize your brand and media exposure.

Every project starts with building a plan. We work with our clients to understand their goals and help choose the right platform. Once a direction is chosen, our team gets right to work in crafting you message   to ensure it has the greatest impact. Detailed research, scripting, concept design and art direction are all part of our pre-production phase. Click here to view one of our client projects – Food Meats Fashion.

Video Production
Nine 7 Entertainment specializes in turn-key video productions of all sizes and budgets. We are completely straightforward and efficient. We plan, audition, direct, and produce to offer a total production management approach. Always keeping the goal of the project in mind. The editing suite is where all of the hard work of planning and filming comes together. Our post production team works to piece together each story. We are experienced and highly skilled. Click here to view one of our client projects – Maybe Next Time.

Audio Production
The role of music in any video production project cannot be underestimated. Music transforms the mood of a video dramatically. Nine 7 Entertainment offers traditional production services, such as voice over recording, audio post-production, sound design and music library services.

Nine 7 Entertainment is also known for creating original music. We create original jingles, underscores, themes and custom sound effects. Nine 7 Entertainment has 25 years’ experience in commercial music from hosting radio shows, radio events, DJ services and MC services. Corporate events, office parties, fundraisers, club events, and birthday parties are just a few types of events Nine 7 Entertainment has hosted. No event is too big or too small.  Click here to listen to Nine 7 original mixes.



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